Strangetunge is a rock band from Cincinnati, Ohio. The band formed in 2002 when David Fisher looked up old Mixed Breed bandmates from a few years back--Chris Basham and Jack Byrd.

After performing and releasing a CD entitled "On The Edge" in August 2009 as Talken Tunges, there were some personnel changes in the band which now consists of Fisher, Basham, Byrd, Don Stephens and Tim Crawford.

The band was renamed Strangetunge.

Strangetunge  released a follow up on July 26th, 2011  a rockin' EP entitled "Choice Cuts" .

The band released 10 song album called "How About Some Strangetunge?" on Record Store Day, April 21, 2012.

The band line-up changed again as of late April 2012 with the departure of Stephens and the addition of Alan Thornbury on rhythm guitar and Rob Elkins on bass while Basham moved to keyboards.

Strangetunge released it's album "Tunge In Cheek" at the Southgate House Revival on Friday, March 15, 2013.   Cincinnati's CityBeat hailed it as "a strong enjoyable effort..."

On November 27, 2013, Strangetunge bassist Rob Elkins passed away suddenly at his home.    Strangetunge dedicated its January 11, 2014 show with Wild Mountain Berries and Haymarket Riot to Rob's memory.

The band had a double EP release on December 12, 2015, with
"Rest Easy, Brother" dedicated to Rob Elkins and a new rock collection of songs "Betty Beat the Devil."
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